Marmadukes Café Deli review

To get away from the calamity of London, our work life and get a little us-time my other half and myself choose Sheffield for a quick getaway. I get some greenery, fresh air and we get to visit his family and friends. We stumbled across Marmadukes Café Deli after a bout of Christmas shopping. We were on the verge of a silly argument fuelled by us both being hangry and we stopped at the café. I fell in love with it. This blog post highlights our second visit: 


22 Norfolk Row, Sheffield S1 2PA


With a very Nordic inspired design, you feel at home. With such a warm atmosphere, it is perfect through the cold seasons and along with outside seating prepared for the summer. Think wooden benches that are not polished till they shine bright and look plastic and just the right amount of throw cushions. This place is not pretentious at all and the staff are all so friendly. There is a great mix of people who come in from students, professionals, casual family outings or those grabbing a bite before or after some shopping. The detail and love put into everything is very clear.


I ordered the Eggs Benedict made up of Yorkshire ham, English muffin two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce all for £8.5.

It sounds like a simple dish, but if one thing does not taste right the meal can easily be ruined. The English muffin – the foundation this meal is towered upon – was not too crunchy or too soft to turn this into a soggy mess. The 2 poached eggs were perfection, as they were covered in a warm blanket of hollandaise sauce that was just the right amount to not drown out the runny centre of the egg. Yorkshire ham was carefully sandwiched between the poached eggs and the English muffin, providing the right amount of saltiness to pair up with the creamy hollandaise sauce.

Personally, I think the sign of any food establishment is when they know when to leave a dish well enough alone, but also to not get stuck in a rut and keep evolving their menu. This is a difficult balance but Marmadukes Café Deli did just that with the Eggs Benedict. When I got this in December it was delicious and when I got this in February they had kept all the main components and simply added a little chilli powder on top which lifted all the flavours. This showed they take pride in the food they serve and work to ensure you and I have a great food experience to want to come back again and again.

Final note:

Without a doubt, Marmadukes Café Deli will become a tradition for all future Sheffield trips for myself and my other half. If you are ever in the area, please do go visit but be prepared to wait a few minutes if it is busy. To avoid this, book a table via their website:

While you’re on their website you should check out their Instagram page and drool over their wonderful pictures…

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