Night to Day time skincare routine

We get so used to the cold, rainy weather we lose our minds once the sun comes out. But what does this mean for our skincare routine? Some of us carry on with the same winter routine but for many, our winter routine can cause damage in the summer.

I’ve been suffering from patches of dry skin on my skin recently and combine this with the summer heatwave and I practically become a snake and shed my skin. Gross to think about, right? So, I want to help others by giving a little insight into my summer night to day time routine which has served me well and may well help you:

Find yourself a toner with ingredients that do not consist of 50% alcohol.

I used to use Clearasil every day, but it was too strong for my skin that it stripped my face of good natural oils and only further dried my skin. I would recommend Avene Cleanance MAT which doesn’t sting with alcoholic overtones and I personally found to be kind to my skin and removed dirt very well.

Don’t use toner and face wash together!

I suggest you use face wash one night and use toner the next night. By alternating I ensure I don’t overwork or irritate my skin. This is great for anyone with skin that can get highly irritated.

Change your moisturiser

In the summer heat, I don’t want to use any creamy or sticky lotions before I go to bed. I use bio-oil throughout the year as I find it is light on my skin and proven by several people to work for their needs. In the winter I put a fair amount on and make sure I take my time massaging it into my face, ensuring I waking up with refreshed looking skin. For the summer I reduce the amount I use simply because I don’t want my pores to get blocked which for me is more common during the warmer seasons. As I have patches of dry skin, the next morning as I get ready for work I only wash my face with water (no products), it’s simply to remove any excess bio-oil that didn’t get absorbed. I also don’t want the bio-oil mixing with my makeup.

Treat your skin

Even though the weather is warm and your face looks shiny from sweat, it doesn’t mean your face is hydrated. You’re actually losing a lot of water. A simple rule to remember is oily doesn’t mean hydrated, it just means oily. Treat your skin to a hydrating mask. I like to spoil my skin with a Gold Collagen® Hydrogel Mask, especially as my face takes the brunt of the dirty air on the London tubes every week. The Gold Collagen® Hydrogel Mask rehydrates and renews my skin leaving me with – if I may say so myself – a gorgeous, healthy glow to my skin. It’s not hard work to lie down with a mask on your face and wait 30 minutes for the magic to happen. When dehydrated skin is the issue, always look for gel masks as they usually have the highest water content and water is what we need. The stresses of a hard week at work can result in you having dull skin, especially if you’re not eating the right nutrients. A mask works on the outside to give you back your radiance but make sure you eat a balanced diet to help you on the inside.

Don’t forget the sunscreen!

After I’ve cleansed I mix a bit of my moisturiser with my sunscreen, as it’s very important to protect your skin throughout the year. Unfortunately for myself, I have very sensitive skin and suffer from a skin condition that requires me to wear a very high SPF sun lotion. I’ve done my research and found the perfect one that I can put on before I apply my makeup.

There you go, my easy steps to healthy, cared for skin to give you that fresh faced look in the summer weather and making it a great canvas to apply flawless makeup to, if you wish.

Featured image credit: Photo by Charisse Kenion

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