Energy smoothie for summer

It’s hot out and you’re tired of drinking plain water. Shake it up with a fruit smoothie, it tastes great and it’s actually good for your body so you get that flavour and that nutrition. Check out my quick smoothie recipe which will give you energy and is tasty to drink.


Watermelon | Contains copper, biotin, potassium, vitamins A, B1, B5, B6 and C. Also it’s really hydrating thanks to its high water content.

Papaya |  Is a vitamin rich and antioxidant based super food that can also be used as a face mask

Blueberries | Contains unique antioxidants and is a great source for fibre, vitamin C and K and managanese.



Cut a few slices of watermelon, half a papaya and chuck in a small handful of blueberries into the blender.

Mix them in the blender and it’s ready once you’re happy with the smoothie consistency.


TIP: I like to put it into the fridge to cool down before I drink it so I can enjoy a cold smoothie on a hot day.


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