Quick and healthy couscous salad

This meal is easy to make and delicious to eat. I find it to be perfect for lunch as it’s light but healthy, allowing you to keep going through the day without having a heavy meal that slows you down.


Plain couscous

Cauliflower couscous

Fresh pomegranate

Cubed and pan cooked aubergine



Mint sauce

This recipe is so simple and without restrictions that you can add whichever vegetable you prefer or have stocked in your kitchen.

Tip: for a punch of flavour, cover the chickpeas in a mixed spice powder. Personally I love Harissa, so a small spoon of that goes a long way. Toss the chickpeas till they’re coated and then add them to the rest of the dish.

For your mint sauce you can buy some yoghurt, and finely dice up some fresh mint and mix.



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