Do Not Make Eye Contact

The doors were closing! I had to get on but there’s no space. Or is there…? I look around at lightening speed, seeking out a gap, even if it was space enough for one foot – I’d take it! I’m sure I can make balancing on one foot look cool…

I take a step forward, ready to commit to my leap of good faith. I can feel the eyes of everyone looking at me thinking “Is she going to do this? Urgh god no, not another one. The doors will definitely close on her. She’ll get stuck. Where will she go?”

One foot off the ridged flooring, my movement stops. Shit! My bag! I didn’t account for the space my bag would take. Can I get it in without squashing it against others? I reach down and pat my bag down to remove any air. I hear the tell tale sign of beeping.

I’ll either make a fool of myself or I’ll feel pretty happy with myself.

I do it.

I jump in and after a bit of jostling, trying not to disturb the other inhabitants and making sure I did not make eye contact with anyone. That was the most imperative thing. Do. Not. Make. Eye. Contact.  It’s the unspoken rule. Finally we set off and I slip into the usual daze of noting nothing and no one till I’m two stops away from my stop.

Welcome to my every day London commute.

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