In the moment

Easter Sunday Is Here!

Enjoy this holiday where we all overload on chocolate eggs. You know the feeling; every time you open the fridge you just see chocolate eggs. First, you’re excited at the prospect of all this chocolate but after 2 days you declare you’ll never eat chocolate again. It’s the cycle of Easter and many of us wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Looking for things to do on Easter?

  1. Got kids or don’t have kids? Either way, do an Easter egg hunt/trail! The fun isn’t limited to age and it gets you moving off that sofa and compete against your loved ones for a piece of chocolate.
  2. Make a day of visiting top chocolate shops in your town to find artistic chocolate eggs and treats.
  3. Want something a bit more refined? Keep an eye out for Easter themed afternoon teas.
  4. Keep with tradition and make sure you have your Sunday roast lunch.
  5. Not hungry? Head for a walk in the beautiful spring air. Visit a zoo, farm, nature reserves or parks.
  6. Nothing screams Easter more than Beatrix Potters “Peter Rabbit”. Treat your kids to a Where is Peter Rabbit show at Theatre Royal Haymarket (5th-28th April).

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